Windows Store App Development!

Friday , 19, July 2013 Leave a comment

Around a month ago Lorraine and I went to a Windows 8 development conference at the MS  offices in Edinburgh. Clearly as a non-developer I was out of my depth for a lot of it, but the simplicity and low barrier to entry both technically and in terms of publishing really made their mark on me. I left with the sense that I didn’t just want to promote Windows 8 and the associated ecosystem any more, I wanted to add my own apps to the mix.

So it was with a sense of trepidation that I downloaded Visual Studio and fired up my first shell of an app.

Back in the mid ’90s I was a fair dab hand at C and spent thousands of hours coding for mutiplayer text adventure games, so I figured my first foray into Windows 8 apps should be a text adventure!

C# and XAML turned out to be the easiest route into coding I’ve seen thus far, with such a low barrier to entry that despite never having touched them before and having no clue what I was doing, I had a working engine written inside a couple of evenings.  I’ve spent the last month expanding the engine and writing (what I think is) a quality text adventure and have already started on my next – now that the engine is written it should be a doddle!

Looking forward to coming up with more ideas and adding more content to the MS store now that I know how simple it is to start developing WinRT apps 🙂

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