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One of the first steps many people take in their journey to Azure or Azure Stack is the migration of an existing workload, rather than building net new. Typically most people would recommend choosing a non-production-critical web-based application running within a VM or across multiple VMs. There are three usual ways people move this sort […]

When choosing a platform to build an application for, developers need to consider a number of common factors – skillset in the market, end user reach of the platform, supportability, roadmap, and so on. This is one of the reasons why Windows Phone has had such a difficult time; development houses won’t choose to invest […]

When you deploy a new Azure Function, one of the created elements is a Storage Account Connection, either to an existing storage account or to a new one. This is listed in the ‘Integrate’ section of the Function, and automatically sets the appropriate connection string behind the scenes when you select an existing connection, or […]

Below are a few quick tips to be aware of with the advent of the TP3 Refresh. Once you have finished deployment, there is a new Portal Activation step This has caught a few people out so far, as ever the best tip is to make sure you read all of the documentation before deployment! […]

During my TP3 Refresh deployment, I ran into an issue with the POC installer, wherein it seemingly wouldn’t download the bits for me to install and I ended up having to download each .bin file manually to proceed. Charles Joy (@OrchestratorGuy) was kind enough to let me know via Twitter how to check the progress […]

Sometimes when you embark on a new piece of research, serendipity strikes which just makes the job so much simpler than you’d imagined it to be. In this case, there are already a series of GitHub examples for integrating Azure Media Services and Azure Blob Storage via Azure Functions. It’s heartening to know that my […]

  So having made the decision to rewrite a console app in Azure Functions in my previous blog, I should probably explain what Azure Functions actually is, and the the rationale and benefit behind a rewrite/port. As ever there’s no point just doing something because it’s the new shiny – it has to bring genuine […]

  I’ve just spent the last week in Bellevue at the Azure Certified for Hybrid Cloud Airlift, talking non-stop to a huge number of people about Cloud delivery practices, and beyond the incredible technology and massive opportunity that Azure Stack represents, my biggest takeaway from the week is that a lot of people still just […]

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