Azure Stack TP3 Refresh Tips

Tuesday , 11, April 2017 4 Comments

Below are a few quick tips to be aware of with the advent of the TP3 Refresh.

Once you have finished deployment, there is a new Portal Activation step

This has caught a few people out so far, as ever the best tip is to make sure you read all of the documentation before deployment!


When Deploying a Default Image, make sure you use the -Net35 $True option to ensure that all is set up correctly in advance for when you come to deploy your MSSQL Resource Provider.

.Net 3.5 is a pre-requisite for the MSSQL RP just now, and if you don’t have an image with it installed, your deployment of that RP will fail. It’s included in the example code in the documentation, so just copy and paste that and you’ll be all good.

$ISOPath = "Fully_Qualified_Path_to_ISO" 
# Store the AAD service administrator account credentials in a variable
$UserName='Username of the service administrator account' 
$Password='Admin password provided when deploying Azure Stack'|ConvertTo-SecureString -Force -AsPlainText 
$Credential=New-Object PSCredential($UserName,$Password) 
# Add a Windows Server 2016 Evaluation VM Image. Make sure to configure the $AadTenant and AzureStackAdmin environment values as described in Step 6 
New-Server2016VMImage -ISOPath $ISOPath -TenantId $AadTenant -EnvironmentName "AzureStackAdmin" -Net35 $True -AzureStackCredentials $Credential 

Deployment of the MSSQL Resource Provider Parameter Name Documentation is Incorrect

The Parameters table lists DirectoryTenantID as the name of your AAD tenant. This in actual fact requires an AADTenantGUID. This has been fixed via Git and should be updated before too long.


Use the Get-AADTenantGUID command in the AzureStack-Tools\Connect\AzureStack.Connect.psm1 module to retrieve this.


Deploy everything in UTC, at least to be safe.

While almost everything seems to work when the Azure Stack host and VMs are operating in a timezone other than UTC, I have been unable to get the Web Worker role in the App Service resource provider to deploy successfully in any timezone other than UTC.

UTC+1 Log




Well that’s it for now, I have some more specific lessons learned around Azure Functions which will be written up in a separate entry shortly.

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